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What is SEO?

When people search the web for information, they are most likely to explore only the top 8 to 10 sites that show up on the very first results page. These are the sites that the search engine has ranked the highest because they contained the keywords matching your search string and were the most relevant. You too can get your web site ranked high using a strategy called search engine optimization or SEO, as it is commonly known.

A sound SEO strategy ensures that your web site:

  • Becomes search engine-friendly
  • Is ranked high in the SERP (search engine result pages)
  • Is continuously updated with fresh relevant content

A good SEO strategy means higher rankings, better traffic and better chances of getting clients. If you can't be found easily, you can't do business.

While Fastpcnet.net caters to clients from any part of the country, we also offer localized and regional SEO services, in the following cities

  • Houston, Texas
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Columbus, Ohio

How a search engine ranks your web page:

For people to land on your web site, the content needs to have a word or a string that matches the keywords used for the search. A search engine looks at two key factors:

  • Position: where the keywords or keyword phrases appear
  • Frequency: how many times the keywords or keyword phrases appear throughout your page

When the search engine finds the matching keywords or keyword phrases in the title tag or the first couple of paragraphs, it presumes that these are relevant pages and includes the web site in its rankings. For example, this web site offers localized SEO services in Houston and Columbus, Ohio. It targets an audience searching for SEO providers in those cities. To be easily found by our target audience, the keywords Houston SEO and SEO Columbus, Ohio must occur an adequate number of times in the content of this site.

Once the web site starts to get visitors, the number of hits starts to rise. And search engines believe that if a site has more traffic, it must be relevant and valuable. This further improves the SERP ranking of the site. A better ranking obviously means better business. We are easy to work with and we offer a variety of custom solutions to get you targeted hits.

There is no simple formula to get ranking like the past; SEO now means slow and steady hard work.

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