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Payment Gateway information

Payment Gateway: Guidelines on the advantages and features of an authentic payment gateway

Payment gateway is a special service designed with a built in billing processor that allows and systematizes the collection of credit card information and its transmission across the Internet. A payment gateway, which is a digital equivalent of a credit card processing terminal, is a software application that offers the functionality of a credit card company, allowing merchants to accept credit cards online and thus fulfill the merchant's payment services needs.

Types of Payment Gateway: Payment gateways come in two styles

Advantages of Payment Gateway : Payment Gateway makes accepting credit cards online easy & offer the following advantages to the merchants:

Popular and trusted Payment Gateways : Here is a list of the most trusted payment gateway service providers :

Verisign, & linkpoint offers both an API and a secure website for storing consumer's credit card records. Because of API the required data are captured on the merchants ecoomerce site. The advantage of these payment gateways is that the consumer never leaves the merchant's ecommerce site. The ecommerce credit card processing is done in the payment gateways' secured site itself. Once processed, they will be re-directed back to the merchant's web site.

In case of third party credit card processors like 2CO, Pay pal, CC Avenue, the merchant needs to use the ecommerce credit card processor's own proprietary gateway. This helps to stay in compliance with Visa and Master Card. In such a case, after the customer checks out, the third party processor's secure web page will open. Merchants can customize this page and personalize it with his ecommerce site. But the logo of the third party credit card processor will tell the customer whom they are paying to.

Payment Gateway checklist: While choosing the payment gateway best suited to meet the payment services of your ecommerce web site, keep the following points in mind:

Payment gateways include costs additional to merchant account charges. This cost to be borne by the merchant varies. Payment Gateways are available for as low as $40. A payment gateway acts as the mediator between the merchants shopping cart and the ecommerce credit card payments. Making the right choice of payment gateway is crucial as on this may depend the success or failure of the ecommerce venture.

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